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Incorporating a startup can be daunting for first time founders, but if the company plans to issue stock to employees or raise money from outside investors, a Delaware Corporation is often the way to go. For that reason, this guide focuses exclusively on Delaware Corporations.

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Below is an outline of the 20 things you need to incorporate and start building your company. There are many online services to incorporate in Delaware, but not all include everything a company needs. …

Over 1,000 Cal alumni have started companies since 2006, starting at least 961 companies and raising over 17 billion dollars. But after talking to many of my former classmates from undergrad and grad school it seems like most founders with ties to the school don’t know that the school itself along with some pretty powerful alumni groups offer some great resources for alumni starting their own companies. I’ve spent more time than most as a student in Berkeley, and I’ve gotten to know the people running some really great programs to support students and alumni.

For alumni founders, here are…

Professor Dawn Song introduces the speakers

This week, we got a break from our professors and heard from a few experts in field.

Joshua Slayton — CoinList

Joshua, cofounder of Coinlist and the founding CTO of AngelList kicked off by asking “Who in this class is a crypto millionaire?

Not a single person raised their hand. Most people in class are probably hoping they didn’t entirely miss the wealth creation that owners of cryptocurrency have enjoyed over the past few years. …

The Dorm Room Fund community at All DRF 2018

How SAFEs Work

SAFE stands for Simple Agreement for Future Equity. It was created by the team at Y Combinator and has been a popular method for investing at the earlier stage of a company.

At the early stage of a startup, it can be difficult to accurately assign a value to the company because there is usually very little data. That’s where a SAFE comes in to play — it’s a form of convertible security that allows you to postpone the valuation part until later on. A SAFE is neither debt nor equity, and there is no interest accruing or maturity date.

This is part three of a series on UC Berkeley’s CS 294–144: Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law.

You can read part one here, and part two here.

Regulation of bitcoin and other tokens has been a particularly salient topic recently. More people are investing in cryptocurrencies than ever before, and with that, more people are breaking rules, losing money, and even committing fraud. The fact that many people seem to miss is that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are already regulated. The existing regulatory regimes in the U.S. are designed in large part to protect…

This is part two of a series on UC Berkeley’s CS 294–144: Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law.

You can read part one here

Class two was a technical primer on Bitcoin. The assignment was to read the Bitcoin and Ethereum White Papers.

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Ethereum: A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform

Bitcoin is the first example of blockchain technology. It was defined in the Bitcoin source code. So to understand blockchain technology we need to understand how Bitcoin works.

Hopefully this helps a little…

There’s a lot of debate today about what Bitcoin…

CS 294–144: Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law

The class just kicked off and it was standing room only in the Haas School’s brand new Chou Hall. In my last semester as a student at Cal, I was super fortunate to get into this class. Only one in four students that applied got in.

Over 200 students from the law, business, and engineering schools in Chou Hall at UC Berkeley

This is also the first triple cross-listed class at the College of Engineering, Haas School of Business, and Berkeley Law as far as I know. I’ve had the opportunity to interact a lot with electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) students at…

Adam Sterling of Berkeley Law kicking off the conference

Blockchain@Berkeley hosted a really cool conference focusing on ICO Financing. The organization itself is super impressive. In just a year they’ve become a preeminent organization focused on education, consulting, and research and development in the blockchain space. And it’s all student-run. Here’s what happened and some thoughts.

The first panel was titled: SAFT, Coinbase Framework, ICO Modeling, Utility Tokens.

Moderator: Jeremy Gardner — EIR at Blockchain Capital Patrick Baron — CEO at Ambisafe Financials Matthew Liston — Crypto Native and CSO at Gnosis Ameen Soleimani — Cofounder and CEO at Spankchain Jason Teustch — Founder of TrueBit Vinny Lingham…

I’m far from a blockchain expert, but I’m learning. I’ve learned a ton over the past couple of months. I’m particularly interested in how blockchain technology will affect how we as a society fund innovative ideas and businesses. I’ve been focused on how funding and governance would work in blockchain projects compared to existing, more centralized methods like venture capital. I struggled with where to start, but in hindsight I think Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five was one of the best places to get going if you’re also starting from level 1. …

By Ruochen Huang and Josh Ephraim

»» Introduction

Fueled by its close proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Berkeley is host to many students who become involved with startups at some point in their time on campus.

UC Berkeley has produced over 880 companies and nearly 1,000 diverse entrepreneurs, 104 of those whom are women, making it the top university for venture capital-backed entrepreneurs and tied in second place for total number of women-founded startups, according to a widely-cited PitchBook report. …

Josh Ephraim

legal counsel to startups and VCs, jd-mba, former investor at Dorm Room Fund

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